On The Run (OTR) Meals

On The Run (OTR) Meals

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About Them. (The Who)

On The Run (OTR) Meals objective is to improve people’s relationship with healthy eating by providing them with door-to-door delicious meals; developed by a local Chef and Nutritionist.

Meal Plan Cost ($): Balanced Plan ($155.00), Low Carb Plan ($155.00), Vegan Plan ($155.00)

Balanced Custom Menu Cost ($): Philly Steak Stuffed Peppers ($14.00), Pesto Chicken ($14.00), Korean Beef ($14.00), Mushroom Chicken ($14.00), Chicken Jambalaya ($14.00), Chimichurri Shrimp ($14.00), Chimichurri Salmon ($14.00), Peri Peri Chicken ($14.00), Tuscan Chicken ($14.00), Moroccan Beef ($14.00), BBQ Beef ($14.00), Tandoori Chicken ($14.00), Thai Red Curry Chicken ($14.00), Sweet Chili Shrimp ($14.00), Sweet Chili Cod ($14.00), Cajun Chicken ($14.00)

Low Carb Custom Menu Cost ($): Chicken Greek Salad ($12.00), LC Mushroom Chicken ($14.00), LC Korean Beef ($14.00), LC Peri Peri Chicken ($14.00), LC Chimichurri Salmon ($14.00), Steak Greek Salad ($12.00), Greek Salad ($8.00), LC Thai Red Curry Chicken ($14.00), LC Sweet Chili Cod ($14.00), LC Moroccan Beef ($14.00), LC Cajun Chicken ($14.00)

Vegan Custom Menu Cost ($): BBQ Vegan Burger ($13.00), Korean Beefless Ground ($13.00), Pesto Tempeh ($13.00), Jackfruit Jambalaya ($13.00), Mushroom Tofu ($13.00), Philly Tofu Stuffed Peppers ($13.00), Peri Peri Chickpeas ($13.00), Moroccan Beefless Ground ($13.00), Tuscan Tofu ($13.00), Thai Red Curry Tempeh ($13.00), Tandoori Tofu ($13.00), Cajun Chickpeas ($13.00)

Breakfast & Snacks Custom Menu Cost ($): Breakfast Sausage, Eggs & Fries ($14.00), Apple Maple Waffles ($14.00), Protein Pancake Roll ($14.00), Coconut Yogurt Parfait ($8.50), Mango Pumpkin Seed Parfait ($11.00), 500ml Cold Pressed Juice ($12.00)

Deliveries are made every Sunday and Wednesday between 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

Free delivery on all orders over $125.00.

Their Services. (The What)

Meal Delivery
Food Prep
Healthy Eats
Gluten Free
Meat Lovers
Whole Foods
Locally Sourced
Hormone & Antibiotic Free
Dairy Free

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Monday – Friday: 9:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Phone: (416) 985-7116

Website: otrmeals.com

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