Extreme Toronto Sports Club (XTSC)

Extreme Toronto Sports Club (XTSC)

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About Them. (The Who)

The Extreme Toronto Sports Club was birth out of the idea to offer a superior alternative in recreational sports for eager participants throughout Toronto and the GTA. 

Cost ($): Individual & Teams ($79.00 – $4,595.00)

Online player and team is registration available.

Their Services. (The What)

Playing Equipment Supplied
Co-ed Turf Soccer 6’s
Indoor Turf Soccer 6’s
Outdoor Turf Soccer 6’s
Outdoor Turf Soccer 7’s
Turf Soccer 7’s
Co-ed Turf Soccer 9’s
Men’s Turf Soccer 9’s
Co-ed 11’s Outdoor Soccer
Men’s 11’s Outdoor Soccer
Outdoor Grass 6’s Soccer
Co-ed Intermediate Indoor Court Volleyball
Co-ed Competitive Indoor Court Volleyball
Co-ed Indoor Floor Hockey 4’s
Men’s 7’s Touch Football
Co-ed 7’s Touch Football
Ultimate Frisbee

Their Location. (The Where)

Their Hours. (The When)

Office & Store
Monday – Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

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Contact Them. (The How)

Office Phone: (416) 221-9560

Store Phone: (416) 222-9074

Website: xtsc.ca

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